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My Czech page(s)

There are only a few rather simple pages and several links so far, but in the future...

Antonin's Monty Python Page
Antonin's Music Page
Antonin's Movies Page

My photos from exhibitions, events, etc. at Picasanew!
My photoblog and my railway photoblog. Texts in Czech, but pictures comprehensible internationally :-)

Monty Python's the Flying Circus
My own humble MPFC Page
Monty Python Official Site
My favorite artists and recordings
Recommended music sites:

All-Music Guide - Recommended source of information
Leningrad Cowboys
Official Waltari homepages
NoMeansNo Web Site
Lou Reed
David Bowie

Theatre, Drama, ...
Moonstruck Drama Bookstore with portraits of playwrights
The Eugène Ionesco Homepage

Tigertail Virtual Museum
My movies page
Internet Movie Database
Mathematics & Number Theory:
Metamath Solitaire
History of Mathematics
Number Theory Web
Logic, Linguistics and Philosophy:
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy Great site!
Philosophy: An Online Resource Guide new!
Center for Research on Concepts and Cognition
Center for Study of Language and Information
Transparent Intensional Logic
The Simpsons Archive
The Week In Chess
Merriam-Webster Dictionary Online


My Czech page(s)

Mail me at: antonin DOT dvorak AT osu DOT cz

Last update: 2015-08-31 (broken links corrected, philosophy site added)

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